At Paddington Furniture Co., a Sydney-based boutique furniture manufacturer, we produce leading edge designs of superior style & comfort for the Australian market.

Our team of designers, production specialists & craftsmen are constantly looking for ways to innovate, evolve & improve all aspects of creating our furniture.

With decades of experience, Paddington Furniture’s new factory - designed specifically for furniture manufacturing - ensures we are able to maximise our production potential, expanding during busy periods, and still maintaining an acceptable lead time from receipt of order to dispatch.

As a company, we are absolutely committed and proud to create furniture to exacting standards using only the finest selected raw materials. We offer extensive warranties and after sales customer service – all locally backed.

When you see the Paddington Furniture Co. name you can be assured of the best in style, quality and attention to detail.

Leading Edge Designs of Superior Style & Comfort

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Australian Made

A Paddington sofa offers the unique benefits of a product that is designed in Australia, by Australians to suit the Australian lifestyle.

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