Tips for General Care

Protect from direct sunlight. No fabric or leather is 100% colourfast, so it is impossible to prevent colours fading if you fail to take adequate precautions.

The long-term villan 'Dust' is settling daily on your favourite furniture - highly visible on coffee table & polished surfaces but unnoticed on upholstered furniture. Accumulated dust & grit work their way into fabrics, acting as miniature "Grinders" and ultimately leading to the breakdown of even the strongest fabrics. Take care to vacuum regularly (weekly) using low suction to significantly extend the life of your furniture.

During the first three months, polyurethane foam & fibre padding tends to become softer before finally stabilizing itself. Light creases may also form on the cover following this natural settling. These creases are absolutely normal. Check the suppliers care guidelines included with your sofa for maintenance of your soft fill.

Fabric Care

Spot Cleaning – Treat spills & stains as soon as possible, gently scraping any soil or mopping any excess liquid from the fabric. Do not saturate the fabric or filling with water or any other cleaning fluids. Proprietary brand fabric cleaners such as Warwick’s “Halo” cleaner may be used as long as you follow manufactures instructions. We also recommend testing the product in an unseen area prior to general use.

Leather Care

Each sofa is hand crafted by Paddington Furniture Co. using only the finest selected hides. Leather is a natural product & during the life of the animal it inevitably comes into contact with barbed wire, bushes & the horns of other animals. These encounters leave scars, scratches & grain variations. These individual properties are normal, enhancing the natural quality of your sofa, setting it apart from man-made or synthetic reproductions.


We do not recommend using Leather Cleaning Products on our sofas, their contents are unknown & may affect your leather adversely & void your warranty. Follow the maintenance instructions. Avoid using detergents or other domestic cleaning agents.


Wipe any excess with a soft cloth or sponge immediately. If staining occurs consult a leather care specialist.


Build up of perspiration or body oils etc., on cushions or arms with regular maintenance. Leather, like our own skin, is porous. Without this regular maintenance, the build-up of body oils can lead to the development of hard areas & possibly cracking in the leather.